Environmental Threats around the World that demand Immediate Attention

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Due to the rise of technology, the world has witnessed rapid changes in several ways. As humans have grown proximity with latest technologies the distance with nature has increased at the same time. As a result the world environment has seen several negative changes over the past few centuries. Starting from the shortage of water and clean air to global warming- the threats to the world environment and overall to the health of this planet are many.

In this situation, focusing more and more on the “sustainable development” has become necessary. UN has also made a list of such immediate threats to the planet Earth that need instant actions. Here is the list of the environmental threats that needs to be dealt with immediately-

  • Climate Change:

The emitted Carbon-di-oxide causes Global Warming and almost everyone knows of it by now. However, the most worrying fact is that the amount of emitted CO2 has become double since 1990. This as a result is resulting in Global Warming and Climate Change, which are very grave concerns for the whole mankind. This might put the existence of the entire species of the world into question. Climate Change may result into unexpected droughts, floods or even meteorological accidents. That is why; Climate Change demands our immediate attention and the first and foremost step would be ensuring that the increase of temperature remains as per the terms of Paris Agreements.

  • Pollution and its ill-effects:

Pollution is a big problem for all the species around the world. Starting from the air to water- everything is polluted. The effects of Pollution are numerous as well. Air pollution leads to several respiratory diseases and results in killing almost 7 million people every year. Water contamination has ill-effects on human health as well. That is why; in order to take control of the ill-effects of the Pollution it is extremely necessary to lower the pollution rates at any cost.

  • Threat to the Oceans:

It has become a new normal for the last few centuries to dump all the industrial and domestic wastages into the ocean. Basically the ocean has transformed into a dustbin for humans. As a result the marine biodiversity is at huge risk. That is why; UN has decided for taking an immediate action plan to protect the ocean and the marine lives in a better way.

  • Overpopulation:

As per the research conducted by the UN, the population of the world is going to explode within the next decade.  The estimate number is 8.5 billion within 2030. Naturally, along with the rising population the waste created by the human civilization is also going to increase which might risk the lives of all the species of the earth. Thus, the time has come when newer and better strategies are required to manage the waste in a better way and try to reuse them. Circular Economy is the only solution.


Apart from these, problems like scarcity of water, energy and the loss of biodiversity need to be attended at the soonest.