Ways in which you can stay protected against cybercrime

stay protected against cybercrime
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With the growing dependency of human beings on the internet, cyber crime has become a serious threat in the past few years. if you think the only cybercrime that can harm you is hackers trying to steal your money, you are wrong. There are many more potential threats that just financial ones. New threats coming to the surface every year are a proof of the fact that there is a wide range of cybercrime that you need to be aware of. This is the reason why you need to know about the nature of such crimes and stay alert.

What do you understand by the term cybercrime?

Do you have a clear understanding of the term ‘cybercrime’? In simple terms, it is any type of criminal activity that takes place online. Cybercriminals target devices or computer networks and commit crime such as identity theft, security breaches, sexual exploitation of children, revenge porn, bullying, cyber-stalking and the list is unending.

How to be one step ahead of cyber criminals?

Anyone who uses the internet should follow some primary precautions. Here are some tips for you to ensure the protection of yourself and your family against cybercrimes:

  1. Say yes to internet security- You need full-proof protection against emerging as well as existing malware such as viruses and ransomware. Norton Security and other similar security suites offer protection to your financial and private information each time you go online.
  2. Software updates- You should keep the software of your smartphone or laptop updated. The reason is that cybercriminals mostly tend to use known flaws as an excuse to gain access to the system of yours through your software.
  3. Set strong passwords- It is advisable not to repeat passwords for different sites. Also, change passwords at regular intervals and try to make them tricky and complex. The easiest way to set a strong password is by combining numbers, letters and symbols together.
  4. Manage social media settings- You can keep your private and personal information locked down. It is possible for smart cybercriminals to get all your personal information with the help of some data points. So, try to share as less private information on a public platform as possible.
  5. Keep children updated about these issues- It is good that you allow your children to use the internet. But, are you monitoring their online activities? If no, maybe it is time for you to commence doing that. Even better, talk to them freely about issues such as bullying, online stalking etc. so that they handle the internet responsibly.
  6. Stay protected against identity theft- Identity theft takes place when someone gets access to your personal data through unjust means and tries to harm you, mainly for economic benefit. So, you need to guard personal information that can ruin you. A Virtual Private Network is just what you need when you receive or send anything online, especially on public Wi-Fi.


Fight cybercrime, keep your family safe and report immediately in case you are a victim of cybercrime.