Relief activities centering Australia’s destructive wildfires

Relief activities centering Australia
Image credit: Pexels

We all know that Australia is in a state of acute bushfire emergency. The fires have taken the lives of billions of animals which include thousands of koala bears, wallabies, kangaroos and multiple species of birds. More than half of the koala population of the country have been victims of the save fires. The catastrophic bushfires have destroyed as many as 2,600 houses and burned 10 million hectares of land.

But, amidst all these heartbreaking occurrences, there is still hope. Several organizations have come forward to provide immediate help to Australian animals by raising funds and supplying foods.

Australian Red Cross is offering meals to homeless people

Australian Red Cross is trying its best to support thousands of homeless people staying in the recovery and evacuation centers. Local inhabitants are volunteering their noble deeds by donating to the Salvation Army Australia which has been providing food to these people.

Boy of 6 performs wonders

A boy from Massachusetts has managed to raise a large sum of $100,000 to lend a helping hand to the Australian animals that have lost their natural habitat after the destructive wildfires. Owen Colley is his name and he is just 6 years old.

His parents, Simon Colley and Caitlin Colley, acknowledge that when their child first came to know about the wildfires, he was terribly upset. So, he started making clay koalas and selling them. When asked by America’s News HQ, Owen replies he did this because he likes animals and he made koala toys in particular “because they climb in trees.”

National Emergency Fund is the only ray of home

Urgent help is needed from all corners of the world for the national emergency fund. They are trying to raise an amount of $30 million to fulfill their upcoming targets which are:

  • Wildfire response- They plan to build long-lasting partnerships with several wildlife response organizations, scientists and communities nationally with the aim of an effective and swift response as well as recovery of Australia’s wildlife population.
  • Future proofing- The recent bushfires should serve as an eye-opener. If the human race wants to preserve and protect the rare animals residing in Australia, future proofing the country is a must. We have to find out innovative solutions for mitigating climate change, natural calamities and species adaptation to the changing climatic changes. Long-term conservation is the only key to securing natural resources of Australia for the sake of nature and people.
  • Habitat restoration- The devastated wildlife habitat and native forests need to be restored. The only ways are by stopping deforestation, planting more trees, working on habitat connectivity, rural and indigenous fire management and core habitat.

How can you make a change?

You can also send help in whichever form you like to help save Australia’s precious koala bears before they become extinct forever. Even a small donation can make a big difference if each one of us join hands and contribute something. There are several ways of contributing like adopting an animal or making a donation.