Top Ten Billionaires in Australia of 2022

Top Ten Billionaires in Australia of 2022
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Are you curious to find out the names of Australia’s top ten richest citizens? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a detailed list of the wealthiest billionaires living in Australia. Before you commence to flick through our list, you can try guessing some of the names for fun.

Richest Australian Billionaires:

So, without further delay, we present before you the list of top ten billionaires in Australia.

  1. Gina Rinehart (Net Worth: $34.02 Billion)

Gina Rinehart is the chairman of Hancock Prospecting at present. Lang Hancock, her father, is the owner of this company. Rina has spent her childhood in Western Australia’s Perth and started studying in the University of Sydney. She dropped out of the University to help her father run his company and from her grand success, we may conclude that she did the right thing.

  1. Andrew Forrest (Net Worth: $30.72 Billion)

Andrew Forest is a well known name in Australia and other continents. He was Fortescue Metals Group’s CEO. He even managed to be the richest man of Australia 10 years ago.

He also has a soft spot for Aussie businesses.

  1. Mike Cannon-Brookes (Net Worth: $27.83 billion)

He’s the third richest person in the country, and he’s got a clear goal: to make Australia the leading renewable energy nation in the world.

Known for his Atlassian co-founding, Cannon-Brookes is currently waging a war on a planned AGL demerger that he says will put back Australia’s climate action and economy.

  1. Scott Farquhar (Net Worth: $26.41 billion)

Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar carries a lower profile than his counterpart but retains (almost) all of the wealth.

Farquhar is the fourth richest person in the country and is still involved in the day-to-day running of Atlassian, which recently offered workers the perk of working from home indefinitely.

  1. Anthony Pratt (Net Worth: $24.30 Billion)

Andrew Patt is the chairman of Pratt Industries and Visy Industries in America. It is the largest private company of the world that deals with packaging and paper.

  1. Harry Triguboff (Net Worth: $21.25 Billion)

Harry Triguboff is a renowned real estate developer, managing director and founder of Meriton. He has had a long, successful carrer of 50 years in the real estate market, building as many as 55,000 apartments. He is popularly known as “High Rise Harry.”

  1. Clive Palmer (Net Worth: $19.55 billion)

Most Australians would know Clive Palmer from his recent advertising efforts for the United Australia Party (efforts that were reported to cost as much as $100 million).

He is the 7th rich man in his own right.

  1. Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht (Net Worth: $13.80 billion)

Canva co-founder Melanie Perkins and her husband Cliff Obrecht continue to ride the technology wave, as their user-friendly graphic design platform keeps growing.

  1. Ivan Glasenberg (Net Worth: $12.20 billion)

Glencore International PLC Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg is the ninth richest person in the country with a personal net worth of $12.2 billion.

  1. Frank Lowy (Net Worth: $9.27 Billion)

Frank Lowy, who has owned the 10th position, is the chairman of an international shopping centre, Westfield Corporation. They have several stores in United States, Europe and United Kingdom.