10 luxurious holiday homes in Australia for the perfect vacation

luxurious holiday homes in Australia
Image credit: Pexels

We all need vacations occasionally to refresh our stressed mind and body. The two most important aspects of holidaying are choice of destination and accommodation. If you visit a breathtaking destination but the accommodation is not satisfactory, it will spoil your mood.

If you are looking for the perfect weekend gateway in Australia, your quest ends right here. We bring before you the 10 most luxurious holiday homes in the country to make your vacation a memorable one.

Top 10 summer retreats in Australia:

  1. The Headland- The Headland is one of the finest replicas of architectural excellence in New South Wales. New South Wales has to be in your travel list at least for this beautiful property. The beach facing rooms can make your stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  2. Sky High- Sky High is a gorgeous winter or summer retreat constructed on top of a ridge in Victoria’s Mount Franklin. With large windows, you do not even need to step out of your room to enjoy splendid sunsets.
  3. Beekeepers- Beekepers, situated in Victoria, is a holiday home with the most spectacular views of the famous Bass Strait. If you are looking for some place to go with your friends, let us tell you that this place can accommodate a group of 8.
  4. Sweven Estate- Are you looking for a quiet, peaceful place to escape with the love of your life, far from the crowd of the city? Sweven Heaven is just the place you have been looking for.
  5. Lodge at Mount Rivers- A posh holiday rental, Lodge at Mount Rivers is situated in South Wales’s Hunter Valley. If you want to have a taste of authentic Australian luxury, you have to include this place in your upcoming list of holiday homes to stay.
  6. Picadilly House- If you want to wake up to the view of lush greenery all around you, this is the place you should choose. Located in Byron Bay, this mansion can be the choicest group gateway. Give it a try and we assure you that you won’t regret it.
  7. Azure Noosa- Located in Queensland andoOffering mesmerizing coastal and ocean views, Azure Noosa is an indulgent and stunning holiday home having four bedrooms, perfect for family get-togethers or friends’ reunions. Explore this place once and you will keep going back.
  8. Soul of Gerringong- Who doesn’t love staying in extravagant beach houses? Soul of Gerringong, featuring 10 bedrooms in total, is among the most gorgeous beach houses of Australia. You can reach this place in an hour from Sydney.
  9. 1200 GOR- Combining a picture-perfect location with heart-warming contemporary design, this holiday home is just what you have been looking for to spend the next vacation with you family.
  10. Harvey House- Imaging waking up in a soft, cozy bed, surrounded by rare contemporary art pieces from different corners of the world! Harvey House is a heavenly holiday home with 6 stylish bedrooms. As it is situated in Terrey Hills (Sidney), it offers breathtaking views of the sea.

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