Australian Fire 2020: Health at stake

Australian Fire 2020
Image credit: Pexels

The recent bushfire two years ago in Australia has put the public health conditions at stake. According to professionals these effects can be lasting and can make impact for a really long time. According to the reports from Australian Medical Association, the ill effects can be severe and there are chances of public death- especially for those who are suffering from lung diseases. Although the condition is poor everywhere, the east and south coasts of the country are probably affected most. Conditions in cities like Sydney and Canberra are among the worst.

The Process of Damage

This Australian fire, which was on the news for several days, was responsible for emitting smoke of the highest degree. The fine particles hidden inside smoke are responsible for damaging the health. People who have encountered bushfire are suffering from several problems:

  • Sore eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Sore nose

However the situation is pathetic for people who were already suffering from problems related to lungs. Asthma patients are found to be visiting the doctors more frequently.

According to reports, there might be changes in the mass lung function. However, these are only assumptions and need more research.

Increased Mortality Rate

According to studies, the polluted air resulting from bushfires can be the reason for the increased mortality rate. Apart from that, the increased heat in Australian summer combining with the bushfire can make more people hospitalized and there might be chances of more deaths.

Psychological Impact

The affects of this Australian bushfire might not be limited to physical level only. There are chances of several psychological impacts on people as well. The reasons might be many:

  • This is responsible for disrupting the daily fitness routines and daily routines in general. Disruption of normalcy may lead towards stress.
  • The constant smoky sky has a lasting impact on the mental health. It is highly disturbing and can be the reason for anxiety disorders.
  • The huge loss of wildlife (in billions) is also the reason for this degrading mental health. The sense of connection between Australians with the wildlife is very strong and that is why the loss of one can be the reason for distress of the other.
  • The poor amount of rainfall is another reason why Australians are going through this mental trauma.

As a result, the number of people failing to cope with the condition and suffering from depression has increased.

Ways of Dealing

So the Australian fire has damaged the public health (physical and mental) to a great extent. There might be some precautionary measures which can be taken to deal with these problems.

  • People should avoid going outside unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • People with Asthma should take extra care and keep their medicine with them.
  • During the smoke it is best to keep the windows and doors shut and seek help of air conditioning.
  • People should visit psychological counselors to keep the mental health on check.

Although sometimes it is not possible to control nature, the least one can do is to respect it and understand the problems related to climate change.