What makes California a favorite destination among tourists?


California, the biggest state in the USA, is a paradise for travel enthusiasts. Vibrant cities, amusement parks, forests and mountains, and gorgeous beaches of California attract travelers from all parts of the world. Here is why California has to be in your upcoming travel list:

Reasons to plan a trip to California:

  1. The fantastic weather- Whether you wish to ski to your heart’s content or get tan lines lying on a beach, the diverse weather conditions of California has something for everybody.
  2. Fascinating history- Announced an official North American state in 1848- California has a rich and intriguing history. Hordes of settlers came to the state during ‘The Gold Rush’ in quest of wealth. Establishment of Hollywood and the UN singing in San Francisco are two other major events. So, curious minds find the trip to California an enlightening one.
  3. Theme parks- In California there are multiple theme parks that remain crowded throughout the year. From Magic Mountain to Discovery Kingdom, from Boomerang Bay to Universal Studios Hollywood, have as much fun as you want in the theme parks. Disneyland, the best family destination, has exciting theme rides, shows, and games for adults and children alike.
  4. Natural beauty- Some of the most picturesque National Parks of the country are present in California. Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Redwood National and State Parks and Channel Islands National Park are the most famous.
  5. Filming locations- Most movies and television series are shot in the beautiful locations of California. Tourists are allowed to check out the filming locations, an interesting way to relive childhood memories.
  6. Mouthwatering food- From customized burgers to hand-made pizzas, from freshly brewed beer to tantalizing wine- California is a foodie’s heaven.
  7. Adventure activities- California offers excellent opportunities for several outdoor activities. From hiking to camping, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your adventure-seeking soul.
  8. Celebrity spotting- Spotting a movie/ TV star is a common occurrence in the southern part of California. You can book one or two celebrity house tours in L.A.’s Hollywood Boulevard.
  9. Pretty lighthouses- There are thirty lighthouses in California, standing strong along the magnificent coastline. The oldest lighthouse is located in San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island. These are specimens of extraordinary architectural beauty and will take to you back to the 19th and 20th centuries.
  10. Exotic beaches- The Golden State has at least 1,000 miles of coastline, making it an ideal beach destination. Are some of the most visited beaches in California where you can witness stunning sunsets and sunrises.


If you feel tempted to book your tickets after going through our list of greatest attractions of California, let us assure you that it’ll be the most memorable experience of your life. Make sure you stay there at least a week to visit most of the major tourist sites. Big Sur Golden Gate Bridge, Sea World San Diego, Santa Catalina Island, and Lake Tahoe are some of the places you must explore.