Some of the best science fiction movies forever

science fiction movies
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Movie lovers love to watch movies. Moreover, if it is science fiction then they will love to watch it. In this article, we are going to state some of the important science fiction movies.

What are the best science fiction movies?

There are lots of science fiction movies available. Some movies are so interesting that you will love to watch them again. So, follow the article. We are going to state some of the important science fiction movies. 

  • The one I love: The movie is not only related to science fiction but also has suspense.  The director didn’t leave any chance to disappoint you. There are lots of twists and suspense in the entire movie. Moreover, all the characters had justified the movie. The movie is available on Netflix.
  • Another earth: If you watch this movie then you will get many questions in your mind. However, many questions will remain unanswered. The story is about a young woman Rhoda. She is struggling with the blunder of her past. She wants to come out from those terrible incidents. However, the second half of the movie was much interesting than the first half. At the end of the movie, you can draw up your attention.
  • Source code: Source code was released in 2011. It was a huge success. People were fond of this movie. The writer was Ben Ripley and the director was Duncan Jones had created lots of suspense and thriller in the movie. The movie is about a soldier. His life is full of miserable things. However, as the movie progress, we can get to know several things.
  • The girl with all the gifts: If you have not seen this movie then you have missed out on something important. The teachers, scientists, soldiers had experimented. The result was the born of an offspring. The offspring was the second-generation zombie. Moreover, the director was able to hold the suspense till the end. However, the movie shows the life of different people. The movie was released in 2016 and was a huge success till now. 
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman was released in 2017 and is one of the best superhero movies. The plot of the movie revealed a lady called Diana Prince. She grew up on a hidden island. It was later revealed that she was the daughter of Queen Hippolyta. There were lots of twists and turns noticed in the movie. It is a wonderful science fiction movie. You should not miss it out.
  • Black Panther: The movie is an American superhero film. The protagonist was Marvel Comics. The story is about five African tribal communities. There is so much suspense present in the movie. However, all the characters have acted well in the movie. Nobody left any chances of disappointment.


One must watch all these science fiction movies. All of these movies are very interesting. If you like science fiction movies then you must watch these. However, there are many science fiction movies available. But none beats these movies.