Candidate of Justice Democrats accused of improper sexual behavior

Photo by Life Matters from Pexels

Three college Democrats’ groups in Massachusetts jointly took the decision to disinvite Holyoke Mayor and the left-wing congressional challenger Alex Morse from any type of future event. The allegations against him are on grounds of morality. As per reports, he has been taking undue advantage of his position and power to achieve sexual or romantic gains, especially from young students.

The Massachusetts College Democrats, Amherst College Democrats, and U-Mass. Amherst Democrats signed the email together and sent it on Thursday, 6th August. Morse is opposing House Ways as well as Means Chairman Mr. Richie Neal this year. The three groups have accused Morse of “sexual contact” with multiple female students studying at the University of Massachusetts. Morse served as a political science lecturer in the same institution.

In their letter they have written that several incidents over the period of seven long years have been proof of why it is not possible for them to encourage any sort of interaction between Alex Morse and College Democrats.

Alex Morse’s reaction against the charges:

In a recent statement, Morse, instead of denying the whole thing, has accepted his relationships with college students. He has stressed on the fact that all of his relationships have been consensual. When questioned specifically if he had ‘carnal contact’ with the college students in which he taught, the campaign of Morse did not give any response.

What did the university say?

On Saturday afternoon, the university declared that it will look into the matter and launch an unbiased investigation to arrive at the truth behind the allegations. The school has stated that if the complains are true, it was completely unaware of how Morse has been manipulating students to develop amorous relations with him. If his conduct has violated the policies of the university, required steps will be taken to ensure that such incidents do not take place under any circumstance.

Consensual relationships and university policies:

As far as consensual relationships taking place between students and faculty is concerned, what policies have the university compiled? Ed Blaguszewski, on behalf of the university, opines that physical or romantic relationships between post-docs or students and faculty members are extremely problematic on terms of unequal power positions between both parties.

He further added that the policy prohibits faculty to enter into any type of sexual relationship with post-docs or students for whom the member of the faculty is accountable for evaluation, advising, supervision, grading, employment, and any other supervisory or instructional activity.

More is not an employee of the Massachusetts University at present. He taught there for a brief period between 2014 and 2019 as one of the adjunct instructors on politics and urban government. The university says that rehiring Morse is beyond question.

Morse’s further claims

Morse has also mentioned that he does not want to apologize for living his life outside of the stereotypical notions of right or wrong, for having consensual interactions or going on dates. However, he is eager to meet the College Dems to address his concerns and reply to their questions.