Beautiful World Heritage Sites situated in the United States

Photo by Fuad Udemans from Pexels

World Heritage Sites are unique places that need to be protected and preserved for their cultural and natural value. Even if Italy is the country to have the maximum number of World Heritage Sites, the United States of America does not lag behind. Of 981 UNESCO sites all over the globe, 22 are present in the USA. These remarkable sites give the country an incredible opportunity to showcase its scenic beauty and narrate the tale of its diversity to the world.

  1. Mammoth Cave- Mammoth Cave in Kentucky became a UNESCO site in 1981 as it is the longest network of naturally-formed caves of the world. The National Park has 130 species of fauna and flora in the rich habitat. Visitors can participate in cave tours, bicycling, camping, hiking, canoeing, and horseback riding.
  2. Grand Canyon- The Grand Canyon is among the world’s seven natural wonders. The Colorado River created this spectacular landform while making its way through Arizona, 17 million years from now. Rare combination of landforms and geologic color decorate the 446 kilometers long gigantic canyon. Approximately 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park annually, making it worthy of being a World Heritage Site.
  3. Statue of Liberty- The next one on our list is the State of Liberty which needs no introduction. It was a token of friendship from France to the USA on its 100th independence anniversary in 1886. Standing tall on harbor of New York’s entrance, it has warmly welcomed millions of travelers to the USA. You cannot afford to leave the country without witnessing the Statue of Liberty with your own eyes.
  4. Redwood National and State Parks- California’s Redwood National and State Parks are the abode of the tallest and oldest trees inhabiting the planet. Can you believe that there are trees that have been there for more than 160 million years? The park also nurtures multiple river ways, oak woodlands, and pristine coastline of 64 kilometers. It became a World Heritage Site in the year 1980.
  5. Olympic National Park- Olympic National Park is a popular tourist destination in Washington. Its scenic lakes, majestic mountains, exotic coastline, magnificent rainforest, and picturesque glaciers will leave you wonderstruck. It is because of the diverse ecosystems that the park has been identified as a UNESCO site.
  6. Yosemite National Park- Situated in California, Yosemite National Park has awe-inspiring views and dramatic landscapes. The hanging U-shaped valleys, sparkling waterfalls, polished domes, and cirque lakes are excellent instances of granite monoliths resulted due to glaciations.
  7. Mesa Verde National Park- Located in Colorado, the Mesa Verde National Park is an archaeological site that preserves the ancient culture and traditions of the Native Americans. There are at least 5,000 archaeological sites in the park.


The other World Heritage Sites in the USA that we could not include in our list are no less beautiful. Some of them are Everglades National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Taos Pueblo, and Glacier Bay. So, next time you are in America, make sure you visit some of these places of extraordinary universal and historical appeal.