Interesting small business plans and ideas

Interesting small business plans and ideas
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Are you bored with your 9-5 monotonous job and planning about starting a small business? Starting a business, whether big or small, can be intimidating for first timers. Moreover, if your budget is limited and you wouldn’t be able to devote all your time and attention to your business, there are plenty of small businesses that people do without quitting their jobs. There are businesses from which you can have an additional source of income with a small investment. Today, we’ll tell you about such business ideas that’ll definitely work for you.

Go through our extensive list of business ideas and find one which one is for you:

  1. Antique dealer- This is one business that you can start in your living room or garage with only one or two items. Just be careful while purchasing items and but the ones you think will be sold quickly. Build a strong base of loyal customers and soon you’ll succeed.
  2. Boat tours- If you live close to the sea, here’s a fun business idea for you. Utilize your evenings by giving boat tours to tourists and locals. You need not buy a big boat for taking people on evening tours. Simply take it on lease and make some extra money having fun at the sea.
  3. Tea salon/ coffee bar- Coffee bars and tea salons are never vacant. People love hanging out with friends and co-workers in coffee parlors. So, if you can make awesome tea or coffee, open a small bar. Even better, if you offer your customers an open-air setting. A good ambience and nice coffee will make people your permanent customers.
  4. Cake making- We all know how expensive tasty cakes are. But, if you bake them at home, the cost of baking is not at all high. Moreover, baking is a relaxing, happy activity as opposed to several other businesses. So, if you are good at it, start your own business. You can also involve your family members in it and if the cakes are delicious, people will pay you well. Start with feeding them to your friends, neighbors and colleagues to get your first customers.
  5. Ice cream parlor- You can earn well from an ice cream shop. All you need to do is find a busy location at the city’s centre or at a popular tourist spot. Make your own ice creams with different flavors, and soon you’ll not need your boring job anymore.
  6. Cooking lessons- You do not even need to an excellent chef to give cooking lessons. Most working men and women living in cities just want to learn some healthy and tasty recipes that can be made quickly. You do not need to invest anything to start giving cooking lessons. Just cook and show it to people, online and offline.
  7. Online tuition- Everybody has a favorite subject, be it music, mathematics, science, history, or geography. Currently, online classes have gained immense popularity as they are convenient both for students and teachers. Private tutors who teach well also make good money.


Hope you liked our business ideas and we wish you all the best for your future.