Have a look at the list of World’s Most Exotic Destinations  

Photo by Darrell Fraser from Pexels

What possibly could be better than relaxing under the sun lying flat on the sand and let all the stress go away? Sometimes when life makes us tired and we do not have any energy left, all we need is some ocean therapy. So, here is the list of world’s most exotic destinations that must be visited at least once in the entire lifetime-


  • Fuerteventura, Canary:

The secluded beaches, crystal blue water and the bohemian atmosphere- all these factors are the most important contributing factors in making Fuerteventura not only the best place in Canaries but also one of the most exotic destinations across the world. Due to the great wind conditions the beach is just the perfect place for watersports. There are several nudist beaches that are famous for their progressive and naturists atmosphere.

  • Tayrona National Park, Colombia:

Tayrona National Park in Colombia has always been a hidden treasure among the exotic destinations around the globe. The hiking trail through the park is one of the best ones for adventure. There are several beach houses available to host guests and any vacation could turn dreamy with a stay there and a treat to the mouth through exotic fruits.

  • Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is a world famous Caribbean destination for its exotic atmosphere. One of the most noteworthy things about this place is the marvelous golden sand. The beaches give a secluded serene atmosphere as well. Along with the beaches, the dense forest and the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay are few other specialties that must be mentioned.

  • Maui, Hawaii:

One of the most attractive features of this place is the splendid golden beach that is huge in the lengths. The beaches cover almost a hundred and twenty miles area. From the splendid peaks full of mist to the bamboo forests- what not to be mentioned about this place! Another name for Maui is “the Valley Isle”. The views of the sunset are also mind blowing. To sum up, Maui, Hawaii is one of the most exotic destinations around the world and definitely a must visit place.

  • The Yucatan, Mexico:

The Yucatan is situated in the southeast corner of Mexico. Geographically it acts as a separator between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The beaches are huge. One of the most amazing places is undoubtedly the Mesoamerican reef that is known to host an amazing marine biodiversity. Moreover, The Yucatan has got all the necessary elements for a beautiful exotic destination.

  • Whitsunday Islands, Australia:

Now, who hasn’t heard of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia? Whitsunday Islands are known to be its hometown! The beaches are secluded and serene and the hiking trails are just mind-blowing. To top it off, it is just the perfect choice for the divers. The marine species are plenty there too and catching the glimpse of a whale is possible as well.


So, these are some of the most exotic destinations around the world. One must visit these places once in a lifetime if they want to experience heaven on earth!