Have a look at the islands in World’s farthest Corners

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels


Technologies have made it possible for all of us to monitor the whole world while sitting in the comfortable corner of the living room. However, staying up-to-date with the latest news and receiving texts from friends all over the world all the time might be frustrating sometimes. In such moments all we crave for an escape from civilization where networks wouldn’t work and no worries could reach us. In order to paint that picture in a more accurate way, here is the list of few islands that are actually situated in the remotest corners of the world-

  • Bear Island:

Bear Island is situated forty miles away from the northern coast of Europe and hundred-fifty miles from the southern corner of Norwegian island. Another name for it is Bjornoya. It has been made a nature reserve from 2002. In order to reach Bear Island, one needs to reach Svalbard first. From the capital of Svalbard, a ride in the boats or cruise is necessary in order to reach this serene place. The availability of boats is not very good as people only go there for the purposed of research or adventure.

  • Bouvet:

Bouvet is situated in an extremely remote corner of the world- to be more specific a thousand miles from Antarctica. There is no sign of inhabitation in this place as this place is surrounded by a glacier and there are several sheer cliffs too. Naturally, winter turns this whole place into ice. As Bouvet is a nature reserve it is very difficult to get a chance of visiting it without a compelling argument. The reason for visitation gets checked by Norway officials. However, due to the absence of any ports it is mandatory to reach there by a helicopter.

  • North Sentinel Island:

North Sentinel is a part of the Andaman Chain and is situated almost four-hundred miles from Myanmar. However, going to North Sentinel might not be that good an idea as not only is it surrounded by threatening reefs, but also the Sentinelese are extremely against the modern world and they wouldn’t tolerate any interventions made by it.

  • Bishop Rock:

It is the smallest island in the world and is situated only thirty miles from England- near the ending line of Scilly. There is only one building in this island- a lighthouse, which is providing guidance since 1858. Reaching there is not that a hard work as St. Mary’s Boatsmen’s Association organizes day trips to this place.

  • Tristan da Cunha:

Situated 1750 miles away from South Africa, is the farthest island chain inhabited by humans. Reaching this place is not so easy at all as there are no package tours available. The absence of hotels and restaurants is another big problem for tourists. Only a few sailings are available from Cape Town every year costing almost 1500 dollars for a round trip. However, before getting on a boat it is necessary to take the mandatory police permission.

These farthest corners of the world could surely take us back to a different age leaving all the stress and worries behind.