What are the safety travelling tips applicable for Senior Citizens?

Photo by Roman Carey from Pexels


Travelling is like a drug- a good one. When someone gets the taste of it they are bound to keep doing that again and again. It is true that old age comes with its problems and limitations. However, old age should not be an obstacle for people who love to travel around the world. In fact, the urge for seeing the world gets stronger when the days of life start to look limited. However, due to the changed physical conditions it becomes necessary to follow some safety tips while travelling in the old age. Here is some such tips-


  • Insurance is a must:

The need for travel insurance is even more necessary for people of old age. This is due to the physical limitations of the body in the old age, when people tend to get hurt easily. As there is no guarantee of getting help from house physician or being taken care of easily, it is wise to opt for a travel insurance in exchange of some hundred dollars. This is a safety measure, which comes in handy in case of any emergency or accident.

  • Take care of the food choices:

One of the many physical limitations of older people is a weak stomach. That is why; the diet changes with age. This should be kept in mind while travelling as well. It does not mean that one cannot have a plate of cheesy delicacies once in a while. However, it is better to keep the amount of such foods to a minimum in order to avoid any negative side effects. Also, it is not wise to spend more time in the bathroom than while exploring the outside beauties.

  • Pack the medicines carefully:

Medication is, in case of older travelers, as important as having passport and visa. In fact, the importance of medication is even more from personal perspective. In old age, due to the physical limitations of the body, people tend to remain on medication often. So, it is wise to keep the supply of medication always in the handbag and load the bag with enough of them. There are several reasons a stay could get longer. In such a situation, one should be prepared for it.

  • Pack as minimum belongings as possible:

Old age comes with its benefits- the pocket is often full of money and people can afford to have a luxurious stay. Due to this general knowledge, muggers and thieves tend to attack such people too. So, for senior citizens it is wise to carry as minimum valuable belongings as possible.

  • Notify others about the daily plans:

Whether the travel is to the nearby hill station or to abroad, it is wise to notify the near and dear ones about the daily itineraries and details of the trip- starting from the place of staying to emergency contact number. This is necessary for staying safe and to always get a hand for help in need.


Some other tips are there as well. However, these are the basic ones for people of old age, who love to travel around the world.