The Ultimate Destinations for people with an interest in History

Photo by vishnudeep dixit from Pexels

Although travellers altogether belong to a community, depending on the place to travel there can be some differences as well. While some like to bask in the beach absorbing the glory of the sun, the mysteries of the mountains fascinate some. Some of the travelers are found to have an exceptional fondness for rich history. Historical sights remind them of the time and age gone by and they get amazed by the transformation of time while visiting the lanes of the history. Here are some such beautiful destinations, which can prove to be ideal for people who love history-

  • Rome, Italy:

Everyone is aware of the rich history of ancient Roman Empire and Rome is still carrying that history with it. One of the many extraordinary historical sites that are there in Rome is Colosseum. The Forum, the Pantheon and last but not the least the Arch of Constantine are few other examples. So, Rome is a must visit place for all who love history.

  • Berlin, Germany:
  • Stonehenge, England:

The Stonehenge in England is famous all around the world as it not only is tremendously beautiful to look at but it also smells of the fascinating history of England. This site is filled with several Neolithic monuments that are from a past time about which people still do not have very clear idea.

There are several myths and beliefs associated with this place as well. Some say this place possesses healing power and because of the unknown history of this place according to some it was the God’s gift to humanity.

  • Giza Plateau, Egypt:

The Giza Plateau in Egypt is known to host an extraordinary collection of monuments of ancient time. River Nile is flowing by its side and one can experience the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx with their own eyes. All these structures, temples easily can take someone back to the age of the ancient Egypt known for its exotic history of almost four thousand years ago.

  • Shaanxi, China:

The Terracotta Army in Shaanxi is pretty famous among the history lovers and undoubtedly a must visit place for everyone. This place is famous for the army figures that look like actual human beings. This army is set in a formation set for a battle resembling the guards of the Empire of long gone time- around 200 BCE. The museum is filled with details of that gone by time. All these things are bound to fascinate a history lover.

  • Athens, Greece:

Ancient Greece was immensely rich from historical point of view and that same history can be smelled in the relics of that gone by time. Athens is known to have many important historical relics and Acropolis, Propylaea are some such examples. The Acropolis is a citadel belonging to that ancient Greece. There is a temple of Athena Nike as well.

Overall, Athens is full of such remnants of history. Athenian empire has left its mark in this place as well. So, this can be an ideal destination for history lovers.


So, these are the places that the lovers of history must visit once in their lifetime.