Interesting things that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for us

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels

These days, most of us are familiar with the term Artificial Intelligence. The increasing presence of Artificial Intelligence in our lives is the reason behind it. Today, we will tell you about some mind-blowing skills that AI already possesses. Read the complete article to find out about the awesome tasks that Artificial Intelligence is easily capable of performing.

How has AI bettered our lives?

Here are some important that you can Artificial Intelligence do for you:

  1. Read

Have you ever wondered how much time you can save if you had the option of paying attention only to the main points of a conversation? SummarizeBot, powered by AI can fulfill your wish. Whether it is weblinks, emails, books, news articles, image files, audio files, or legal documents- artificial intelligence’s machine learning and automatic text summarizer will share with you the essential information after reading communication. Currently, you can use SummarizeBot on Facebook Messenger and it relies on machine learning, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence.

  1. See

By machine vision, we mean the ability of computers to view the world, analyze visual content, and then make decisions. There are many interesting ways in which we use machine vision at present times. Some examples include payment portals, self-driven cars, facial recognition etc. During the process of manufacturing, this helps monitor quality of products.

  1. Write

Did you know that the biggest news organizations mostly depend on artificial intelligence when it comes to writing? AI can even do creative writing. Many marketers have commenced to create social media content with the help of AI. Even a novel has been written through AI and it was pretty good to have been shortlisted for some award.

  1. Speak

Artificial Intelligence cannot just see, write, and read but also talk. While it is fun to have Google Maps and Alexa help you with directions and answer to your questions, Google Duplex is one step ahead of them. It uses AI for scheduling appointments and completing tasks over phone using simple, conversational language. It responds satisfactorily to human beings.

  1. Hear and fathom

We all love it when digital assistants give us the weather report or book a cab for us. But, AI is capable of far more serious tasks than updating you about the news headlines. Artificial Intelligence can also analyze sounds, detect gunshots and send alerts to related agencies. This is one of the most beneficial activities than AI can perform.

  1. Smell and touch

Smelling and touching are two other areas in which AI has excelled. Using cameras and sensors, a robot can pick raspberries for you from a supermarket. There are AI models that can detect smells of chemicals.

  1. Read minds

AI reads minds by interpreting brain signals. This could be life-changing for people having speech issues.


Taking photographs, composing music, debating with humans, understanding emotions, and playing games are some other things that AI is good at. Imagine if one artificial intelligence can do all the tasks mentioned above! Do you find it exhilarating or frightening?