How does technology improve our education system?

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

We commonly hear about the adverse effects of prolonged screen time and perils of social media. But, we also cannot deny the positive things that technology has brought into our lives, especially in the field of education. When used judiciously, technology can improve learning for students, teachers, and parents.

The old-fashioned style of pencil-and-paper-teaching is still needed inside the classroom because of its excellent advantages. But, technology has blessed us with a wide range of tools to make the process of learning exciting and efficient for students. Today we will discuss about the ways in which technology has been a boon to education:

  1. Enables students to learn better (and more)-

As per the traditional method, the teacher gives material, and all students learn with the help of it. The whole class proceeds at the same speed and relies on the same study material. Moreover, there is very little scope for freedom or individual attention inside a classroom where the time in limited and students are many in number.

But, on a digital platform, learning experiences are flexible. Students refer to YouTube and educational websites for understanding a concept thoroughly. Students also enjoy exploring and learning through apps, games, videos, and websites.

  1. Allows parents to participate actively-

Earlier, parents had no idea about what was happening inside the classroom beyond what they were communicated by teachers on occasional meetings. Technology allows them to be more involved and more informed in their child’s education. If children struggle with homework, parents can find solutions at useful sites.

  1. Offers new opportunities and handy tools to teachers-

Teachers love technology as they get plenty of free tools to make classroom learning fruitful. Be it interacting with parents or working on their personal and professional development- technology offers both. They can emails materials to students in a matter of seconds, share screen, and also show videos and PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Makes project making interesting-

Remember the days when project making involved giant posters? Nowadays, students can engage in inquiry-based and project-based learning. They can work as a team or individually. It is possible to edit a file together in places like Google Drives. They are also free to decide in which form they want to complete assignments- website, video, blog, etc.

  1. Saves money-

Even if devices like laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks are expensive, these are one-time investments and they are worth the money we spend on them. If we consider the long-term benefits, electronic devices have many tools that we can use in several ways. Schools can save expense on paper by modifying electronic documents. Emails can take the place of feedback forms that parents used to fill manually. Teachers can easily upload files on Google Classroom, and even take children on online field trip activities.


We many conclude by saying that technology has improved the education system in various ways. Teachers, parents, and students have access to online resources. So, adopting new technologies will be advantageous for schools, trainers, and learners. In short, technology is a powerful asset for the modern classroom.