List of best Science fictions for movie maniacs

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Science fictions have had always fascinated us from the very childhood as it smells of several amazing possibilities in the future, as it presents before us an alternate world. When this fiction presents itself before us in forms of movies both the eyes and ears get the taste of it. That is why; science fiction movies are so close to heart and it is extremely difficult to pick a few. However, here is a list of the best science fiction movies of all times-


  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back:

Critics may argue that Star Wars movies are not proper science fictions. These movies are known to be science- fantasies. However, when making a list of science fiction movies, it is almost impossible to ignore Star Wars. Now, among all the Star Wars movies it is difficult to choose only one. However, if the choice has to be made at all cost then Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back should make get the best position undoubtedly. Starting from the Vader reveal to the snow fighting scene- this movie is simply amazing. There are many such astonishing scenes present in the movie.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey:

This movie was made based on The Sentinel- a short story by Arthur C. Clarke. In fact, the author of the short story was a co-writer of the movie script as well. The antagonist of the film is one of the most famous ones in the genre of science fiction. The movie has deep philosophical impacts as well as it represents the journey of mankind before us.

  • T.:The Extra- Terrestrial:

When it comes to science fictions, one cannot possible ignore E.T. It is a heart-warming movie about the attachment that grows between a little boy and a sweet alien. The whole race of humans and their cruelty has been portrayed in this movie. There are several moments that make our hearts warm with love for this unusual bonding and some iconic scenes like that of the flying bikes are to be remembered forever. The ending breaks all our hearts and E.T. remains forever in our memories.

  • Jurassic Park:

The world of dinosaurs that Jurassic Park has presented before us has been so fascinating that it definitely makes the mark among one of the best science fiction movies. Steven Spielberg has definitely created magic while bringing the dinosaurs back to existence on the screen through extraordinary visuals. However, the issues about cloning a dinosaur are of bigger discussion and because of the contents of the film it is regarded as a classic.

  • Back to the Future:

Time travel is a fascinating topic to almost everyone. Back to the Future, as a movie, gives us the opportunity to taste the fantasies related to time travel. There are several approaches present in the movie including some really serious ones. Overall the movie takes us on a thrilling ride from beginning to the end.


There are numerous other science fiction movies that are fascinating indeed. However, these are the ones that top the list.