Few good Scientific Journals in the present times

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The basic human inquisitiveness is the basis of science and this thirst for knowledge becomes even more fascinating when the knowledge gets shared around the like-minded community. Scientific journals are very important in this regard. Scientific journals help the scholars with important information regarding the existing research about a particular field. Peer-reviewed journals are the best place to look for the latest findings by the scientists and scholars. However, as the area of knowledge is vast by nature it is difficult to identify the beginning point in the quest for knowledge. Here are the best scientific journals dealing with different fields of science-

  • Frontiers in Neuroscience:

This journal is comparatively new as it first started in 2007. The numbers of publications are pretty good- almost 3500 in number. The numbers of citations are also huge- the largest number in the filed of neuroscience. The editorial board has been doing marvelous work throughout the years in building the reputation of the journal. It has open-access facilities enabled and the presence of the journal is online based.

  • Annual Review of Psychology:

From the name itself, it is evident that this journal is about psychology related topics. Annual Review of Psychology is marvelous in its detailed analysis about several topics related to psychology- starting from behavioral studies, cognitive process of the body, development of human beings etc.

  • Research in Engineering Design:

It is pretty clear from the name that the journal named Research in Engineering Design deals with design theories and how it can be applied in the area of engineering. It also tries to examine the behavioral processes from the eye of a designer. As it deals with biosensor related point of views, it can be regarded as one of the most progressive research journal in the field of engineering design.

  • CHI:

CHI conference journal deals with the interaction between human beings and computers. UX design is another important aspect of discussion by this journal. The journal is especially known for its ideas surpassing the present time. This journal owns the qualities of any top quality science journal- especially in its approaches, which are highly data-oriented and based on solid scientific grounds. The study of human behavior by CHI is going to enhance the knowledge of scholars and designers to a significant extent.

  • Learning and Instruction:

As the name refers to, Learning and Instruction is a journal setting its focus especially on the methods of teaching and education. Teaching has gone through a huge transformation over the past couple of decades and in order to make the teaching method more effective and progressive it is extremely necessary to stay updated with the research that is going on. The latest scientific articles that can help the educators to make teaching more interesting and effective get published in Learning and Instruction journal. The way this journal approaches is unbiased in its nature. The aim is to understand behavioral pattern of the students in the classroom.


These are some of the topmost scientific journals dealing with different areas of science. Depending on the necessity anyone can choose from the list.