Few Best quality Institutions for Life sciences

Photo by David Alberto Carmona Coto from Pexels

It is important for the scholars to remain aware of the institutions that are contributing most to a specific field of science. Although the rankings of the institutes change every year the life science institutes are pretty stable in this regard. However, the knowledge of best institutes is more important than the ranking itself as the best ones interchange ranks every year among themselves. Here is the list of few topmost institutions known for doing quality research in life sciences-

  • National Institutes of Health:

Every year hundreds of articles get published from the National Institutes of Health, which is a very well known and reputed institute in research in life science around the world. It gets a huge amount of money from the U.S Government every year for the advancement of research. There are twenty-seven different institutions and several other branches dealing with different disciplines of science under this one name. The director is Francis Collins and Lawrence Tabak is the Principal Deputy Director. There are thousands of employees and more than six thousand researchers working under this institute. Some significant research that has been done by this institution are- the discovery of fluoride for preventing the decay of the teeth, utilizing lithium to manage bipolar disorder and most importantly the invention of vaccination of hepatitis.

  • Harvard University:

Harvard Medical School under Harvard University is famous for its extraordinary research done in the fields of life sciences. There are more than ten thousand faculties in the institute and several of its scholars have won Nobel Prize from the research done here as well. Steven Gygi, world-renowned stem-cell biologist belongs to this institute as well. Immunology is one of the most important aspects of research that this institution is focusing on in the present times.

  • Stanford University:

Stanford university is very famous for its research in DNA synthesis, isolating stem-cell and last but not the least the first ever successful transplant of human hear and lungs. Stanford School of Medicine is the operating branch in life sciences under this University and the number of faculties is more than two thousands. This institution is well known for the funding per researcher ratio, which is highest all around the world.

  • Max Planck Society:

Max Planck Society is well known for its contribution in the research in life sciences all around the world. Several institutes work under this banner and they all these branches together are researching the deep impact questions about different species- starting from insects to humans. One of the major branches of this institute is Max Planck Institute for Biological cybernetics- known for utilizing computer simulations to study the way different species process information.

  • Chinese Academy of Science:

The world has seen huge growth of China in the fields of life science especially under Chinese Academy of Science. Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences is one of the leading branches operating under this Institute. These branches deal with different branches of life science enabling the institute to collaborate with each other for advanced research.


There are many such quality institutes. However, these are undoubtedly the best ones.