What is the politics behind Covid 19?

What is the politics behind Covid 19
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From March 2020, coronavirus has spread everywhere. It is a deadly virus. That is the reason people are dying. Innocent people are losing their life. In this article, we are going to state the politics behind Covid 19.

How are politics responsible for Covid 19?

There are lots of politics responsible for Covid 19. The poor countries are unable to know the proper reasons. So, in this article, we are going to state the reasons for which the virus has spread so fast.

The World Health Organisation had already declared the deadly virus coronavirus is very harmful. After that also some countries didn’t pay any attention to it. It is a disease that is spreading rapidly. Even after using masks and sanitizers, people are getting infected. So, everybody needs to be careful in this matter. We are sure that you will like to know the reasons behind it. Follow the article.

  • Delayed in the vaccine: The virus was spreading rapidly. None of us could stop. It was the responsibility of the government to start vaccination. However, the government didn’t take any such steps in this matter. There was a delay in the vaccine. Many people died without taking vaccines. If the vaccine was taken at a proper time then we could have stopped the death.
  • Not stopping airports: When the virus was spreading, at that time, the government should take the initiative. The government should ban travel from one place to another. The government didn’t do so. The result and effect are that the virus was widespread. Many people were affected.
  • Education is affecting: The worst sufferers are the students. They are unable to go to school and college. The private institutions were taking online classes but the government institutions were lacking behind. They are unable to continue their studies for almost 2 years. The result and effect is an increase in illiteracy. However, people are also not serious in this case.

The government should take this consequence. outcome after the students, the worst sufferers are the job seekers. For the last two years, there has been no recruitment. The qualified youth are roaming here and there. They are unable to get government jobs. In the private sector, the youths are not getting a proper salary. The politics of the government is that they became blind. If this situation continues then it will be problematic.

  • No vaccine for children: The children are not getting the opportunity to take vaccines. Those who are below 18 years old are not getting the chance to take vaccines. It is the reason the school is not opening. The government should take ambition in this matter. If proper care is not taken properly then the children will not receive a proper education.


There are lots of politics associated with Covid-19. We have discussed some of the important facts. However, you should go through the article to gain your knowledge. Covid situations make life miserable for many people. We are sure that you will like the article.