Best Neighborhood Options in United States to raise Children

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Family life is not as easy as it sounds. One needs to take care of everything- from the schooling of the children to the availability of the other services. An ideal neighborhood for raising a family should have good schools for the children, lower crime rates, affordable houses, hospital facilities and finally playgrounds for children. Based on these demands here is a list of the best neighborhood options in United States to raise Children according to public opinion-

  • Bowling Green:

Bowling Green in Ohio is regarded as one of the best neighborhoods in United States for raising children. Although the town is a small one, due to the numerous city amenities it is regarded as a perfectly livable place. The reasons why this town is preferred by many for raising their children are-

  • Low cost living
  • Best schooling facilities
  • Low crime rates (a lot lower than the national rate of crime) and safe environment
  • Good hospitals in the area
  • The town is full of family-friendly activities
  • Carmel:

The numbers of children staying in Carmel itself prove that Carmel, Indiana is one of the best towns in US for raising a family. The number of residents in this city is a little more than one lakh. The reasons why Carmel is considered to be one of the best places for raising a family are-

  • Affordable neighborhood
  • Wonderful schooling options are available
  • Exceptionally low crime rates- almost 72 percent lesser than the national rate of crime
  • Best hospital facilities- Indiana University Health North Hospital is considered to be best in Indiana.
  • Several options of activity for Children
  • Cary:

If anyone is looking for a good neighborhood for raising children in the south, Cary in North Carolina is considered to be one of the best according to public opinion. The pros of raising a family in Cary are-

  • Presence of the best public schools in US
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Safe environment for living with a very low crime rate
  • Availability of good hospitals nearby
  • Ann Arbor:

Ann Arbor of Michigan is undoubtedly one of the first choices by majority for raising their kids. This place fulfills almost all the requirements necessary for a perfect family oriented environment. Here is the list of pros of choosing Ann Arbor-

  • Availability of every kinds of amenities of city
  • Best schooling facilities
  • Pretty low crime rate and a safe environment
  • The University of Michigan Hospitals- Michigan Medicine is present here and that means excellent healthcare facilities

Although Ann Harbor is a bit expensive than other places the facilities available here are undoubtedly worth it.

  • Highland Park:

Highland Park of Texas must be included in this list. Although the town is a bit small the community vibes make the atmosphere warm and livable. Other reasons of choosing Highland Park are-

  • Low crime rates
  • Good schools
  • Top medical facilities

However, Highland Park can also be an expensive choice.


These are the best places for raising a family according to public opinion.