Which sports are the most popular in the United States?

Photo by Ana Arantes from Pexels

Sports are inseparable part of the cultural life of American people. These games are not just entertainment options but vehicles for spreading values like fair play, justice, teamwork, acceptance of failure, etc. There are many sports that athletes in America play, but some of them have a large audience. Read the complete article to find out the names of the favorite sports among people in the United States.

Top 20 games played in the United States

  1. Baseball- Baseball is America’s beloved national game. Of all the sports enthusiasts in the USA, the admirers of baseball are the largest in number. In July 2019, the average number of viewers watching the Major League Baseball was 198,000.
  2. Basketball- One of the notable sports in the USA is Basketball. Americans have been playing it for more than 100 years and it has given the country some of the most respected idols. Every American sits in front of the TV during the NBA finals.
  3. American Football- Basketball has always been the favorite pastime of Americans. But, But, football is the game that is close to their heart. People wait for the Super Bowl the whole year.
  4. Motorsports- Motorsports is truly one of the coolest sports of the world. Even if it wasn’t popular before, at present people are crazy about it. It can be dangerous and nail-bitingly exciting at the same time. The youth of America forms the fan club of this type of sport event.
  5. Tennis- Tennis is a good, friendly game that everybody likes to play. But, the Americans have taken playing tennis to a whole different level. We have to mention the names of the William Sisters in this respect as they are responsible for making professional tennis a famous game in the country.
  6. Golf- In the US, people love to play golf in their leisure time during the weekends. When it comes to playing golf as a competitive sport, the person who deserves credit is Tiger Woods. In recent years, golf matches have gained popularity and fan-following.
  7. Boxing- Americans have always shown great interest in boxing since the early 20th century. Mohammed Ali and Floyd Mayweather are two of America’s revered boxers.
  8. Ice hockey- Ice hockey is an extremely interesting game. Every year, a plethora of fresh talents participate in the National Hockey League.
  9. Soccer- Soccer is played with full enthusiasm in the USA both by men and women. 14.3 million people watched the World Cup Final (women) of 2019.
  10. Wrestling- Unarguably and undoubtedly one of the most-watched sports in America is wrestling. People who watch it know how fun it is to watch people wrestle. If you are in the USA during the World Wrestling Entertainment, you have to buy tickets and watch a memorable wrestling match.


Hope you enjoyed reading our list of most enjoyed games in America. We may conclude by saying that the United Nations is a country with inspiring sports heritage. Sports are among major activities dominating their social life.