The United States’ most expensive cities to live

Photo by Ana Arantes from Pexels

Undeniably, cities have a magnetism that attracts us to busy roads and crowded cafes. They do not just promise convenient transport and multiple job opportunities but also make us feel young and active. Strolling through the bustling streets of big cities, we realize that the people crossing our paths are as diverse as the tall buildings that loom over the roads.

The cities in the United States are full of possibilities for the fun-loving and ambitious youth of today. But, how much money do you need to make to call one of these mesmerizing cities your home?

America’s costliest urban jungles to reside:

  1. Manhattan- Manhattan is for the richest people in New York. From accommodation to supplies, the prices of everything are higher than other areas. So, for people who can afford such a lavish lifestyle, there is no place like Manhattan. From museums that inspire creativity to restaurants for satisfying your taste buds, this city has everything.
  2. San Francisco- The number two on our list is San Francisco. Unemployment rate is very low in San Francisco and people have incredibly high salaries.
  3. Brooklyn- Be it the spectacular views of the skyline or the attractive people walking on the streets, you are bound to fall in love with Brooklyn. Living in Brooklyn is out of an ordinary man’s league.
  4. Honolulu- Honolulu in Hawaii is not just a picture-perfect beachside town but also one of the most expensive cities in the USA.
  5. Washington- Earlier a suburb, Washington has emerged as a vibrant city with more than 100,000 residents. There are plenty of jobs and entertainment options in this extravagant city.
  6. Oakland- Oakland is a popular city in California, full of young professionals and job opportunities. This explains why the living cost is high in Oakland.
  7. Seattle- Surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, the city of Seattle is growing fast. It is on high demand at present and so prices are rising rapidly.
  8. Boston- Famous for its world-class universities and historical roots, Boston is a city full of life and vibrant colors. If you love sports and sea food, this is the place for you. The summers are mild but snowstorms are common in winter in the rich city.
  9. Queens- Even if it is the biggest of the five boroughs of New York, it lacks the glamour or glitz of its neighbors. But, as Brooklyn and Manhattan’s population become denser each day, more residents have started moving to Queens for affordable accommodations.


If you are wondering why the living cost is sky high in the cities mentioned above, one major reason is housing. As, more and more people want to live in these cities, the demand is extremely high. As many people make good money exploring their opportunities, landlords drive up rental costs. So, even if bachelors and spinsters can manage in rich cities, when it comes to raising children, most people prefer to move to the countryside. The countryside is ideal for living with family in a peaceful neighborhood, away from the madding crowd.