Most popularly used Android apps by adults in the USA

Most popularly used Android apps by adults in the USA
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

From shopping groceries to playing games, from ensuring safety of your dear ones to attending meeting online, there is a wide range of apps for almost everything. We all have some apps on our phone that we cannot imagine living without. If you are eager find out the names of the most commonly used apps by adults in the United States, you have come to the right place.

Most favorite apps of the young generation in America:

  1. WhatsApp- WhatsApp remains the most loved messaging app among people of all age groups because it is user-friendly. It is free for Android devices and iPhones. You can send voice messages, videos, pictures, and document files on whatsapp. Every year, WhatsApp keeps updating itself by adding new and advanced features.
  2. Facebook- Facebook is the best platform to interact with your friends and colleagues, to upload and all your favorite pictures, to look for people you’ve lost touch with, and to have fun. It is also a great place to promote your business and your website.
  3. Instagram- Instagram is the best social networking platform to promote a concept or product and gain followers. It’s simple, visual nature is enticing the younger generations in large numbers. Download Instagram now to find out what you’ve been missing.
  4. YouTube- YouTube is another great app that we all visit several times a day. It is the perfect app for education and entertainment. From all your favorite songs to live news, from video turorials on cooking to lessons in mathematics- YouTube has it all.
  5. Google Chrome- In our busy lives, we need everything ASAP. This explains the popularity of Chrome which is the fastest browser.
  6. Gmail- As opposed to the entertainment apps mentioned above, Gmail is a necessity.
  7. Snapchat- Snapchat is a messaging app that allows users to exchange videos and pictures which disappear once they view them. There are cool lenses, filters and other effects to make your photos interesting.
  8. Google Maps- Gone are the days when we needed to stop at every corner in a new city and ask for directions from some stranger. No app or person can beat Google Maps in giving proper directions.
  9. Doordash- Of all the food delivery apps, DoorDash tops the list as it was the most downloaded app in America in 2019. Uber Eats,Yelp, and Grubhub are among other apps delivering food to thousands of homes in the United States every day. So, which one do you have on your phone to satisfy your pizza or pasta cravings?
  10. Pinterest- Most people did not even know about Pinterest few years ago. But, it has become extremely popular worldwide and those who have Pinterest know its value. It is a social network where you can find ideas and inspirations for your hobbies and interests. It is the best app to unwind and relax looking at the prettiest pictures.


People in all developed countries rely on technology to a great extent and the United States of America is not an exception. So, which ones are your favorite apps from the above-mentioned list?